domenica 21 aprile 2013

Tiffany Launch of Jazz Age Glamour collection at Rockefeller Center

"It's a heavenly, iconic color; Whenever you see it, you know exactly what it is.” - Gwyneth Paltrow 

We are talking about the beautiful shade of acqua that is the Tiffany Blue!

It's a wonderful color that light up every women.
Tiffany in collaboration with Baz Luhrmann, created an exclusive jewelry collection for his upcoming film: The Great Gatsby.
The Jewels are inspired by the glamourous of twenties and they are simply Amazing!

“It was the decade of throwing all caution to the wind and damning convention,” added a resplendent Sarah Jessica Parker.

Here you sare some pics from the Launch of 20th of April at Rockefeller Center and some pieces from this shining collection. Tell me your favorite ones!

sabato 20 aprile 2013

Fluo Make-up!

Let The Colors flood your skin!
This Spring/Summer 2013 Fluo trend is totally confirmed.
Among all the Beautiful dresses and Skirts, now it's the make-up Time!
Strong Colors are perfect for every skin tone, they light you up and they pull all the attention on your stunning eyes. You can you use the complementary colors theory, in order to obtain the best result for your eye color. 
For Example: The Complementary color of light blue is orange, so if you have light blue eyes choose an orange eyeshadow, the blue will appear more intense than ever.
Don't be afraid of putting too much color, That's the fun of fluo colors! But Pay attention, don't combine more than 1 fluo color or you'll look like a clown :(
In Almost every runway for S/S 2013 Models wore Fluo Make-up, Here you are some of them! Hope you will get Inspiration. So What you are waiting for? Choose a Fluo eyeshadow combined with a nude lipstick and a nude or matched nail polish with the previous eyeshadow and you will look great!!!
Good Bye Ladies and Gents i'm going to try fluo make-up!



giovedì 11 aprile 2013

In Love with Bandeaux and Mini Bustiers!

Good Morning Ladies !!
Today Let me introduce you a new colorful Trend: Bandeaux and Mini Bustiers!
We all know what they are, but we usually try to cover them right?
So why not show them up?
With colorful, fun and pretty design, Bandeaux and Mini bustier can bring a touch of style in your outfit!
They are easy to combine and At last when you put on your backless dress or T-Shirt you didn't have to wear bras with those transparent strings that sometimes are really awful!!
They are good for items with long neckline too! You can find them most common shops like: H&M, Stradivarius, Pull and Bear, but the ones that I Love are from Victoria's Secret! They Look so comfy and their texture is great! You don't have to be Shy, Go Bright Go Wild with Bandeaux and Bustiers :) 
Take a look at these picture and Get some inspiration <3 

martedì 9 aprile 2013

Everything in Denim!

Hi People!
How Are you?? Hope Good :)

Let's look in your wardrobe.... How many Denim items do you have in it??
Did you know that Denim woven was born in 1850 from an Alsace immigrant and an american tailor?
It was considered a work cloth but Nowadays nobody can not help it! And This year this popular woven is back as a huge trend! From Trousers to bags, Everything is good in Denim and I am a fan of it! It's easy to combine,strong and it shapes your body. 
But Pay Attention, do not wear more that 2 things in denim, you will be too much 70ties.
Here you are some of my favorite denim items and examples on how to wear them.
Hope you will get some inspiration :) 

venerdì 29 marzo 2013

Think in Yellow !

Good Morning Sunshines!!

Easter is coming! so why don't you welcome it by 
wearing yellow cloths?

Yellow is the color of Easter and Spring, most of people are scary to wear it, but I found it's a great color perfect for every skin tone, you have only to choose the right nuance <3

If you have a very fair skin choose a strong yellow, like for example yellow ochre.
If you have a darker skin try a citrus yellow, or even a fluorescent one!
Yellow can bring your eyes a new light so be brave and wear it :)