mercoledì 20 febbraio 2013

Leopard Print

Good Morning People all around the world :)
Today i will talk about a Trend that I really love : Leopard Print!
Only a year ago if you had asked me if i would wear it, i had Answered you :

But now, my ideas changed in a very positive way :) 
Beside the Classic leo print, i like colorful ones, they are funny and easy to combine with other cloths!
I Love to wear leopard items mixed with simple basic cloths.
In fact, you shall not exaggerate about wearing lots of leopard items, they may turn you from chic and stylish to kitsch! 
For example:
- If you wear a leopard dress to not wear Leopard shoes! Combine it with black high heels and black accessories.
- If you wear a leopard shirt/T-shirt you can combine it with black/brown trousers or a skirt and with  leopard shoes.
- If you Have Leopard Accessories like the ones for hair or a belt, you can wear them with a Black or Brown outfit, you will look super gorgeous!
- Most important RULE : DON'T WEAR 2 LEOPARD ITEMS STACKED (like a shirt with a scarf both in leopard prints, or a dress and a coat both leopards)

Tell me your opinion about Leopard Prints.
Lots of Love,

martedì 19 febbraio 2013

Rihanna for River Island

Good News!!
Rihanna made her debut as a fashion designer during London Fashion Week!
The line will comes out March 5 and it's a figment of a collaboration Between Rihanna and the British Label "River Island".
The Dresses reflect Rihanna style and life. In a interview she told to British Vogue: 

"Launching at London Fashion Week is a dream come true for me... I have wanted to design my own collection for a long time and to present my collection for River Island alongside all of the other great design talent at LFW is a real
privilege. I can't wait to see the reaction from my fans and the fashion Press!".

Here you are a Preview of the cloth line, Personally i don't like it very much, it's not my style but i would love to hear your opinions :)

domenica 17 febbraio 2013

Bianca Balti For Sanremo 2013

The Last day of the famous festival of the italian's Song saw a Beautiful and charming guest: Bianca Balti. The Italian Supermodel filled the night with spontaneity and sweetness.
Her gowns were designed by Dolce and Gabbana, the brand of which she is the testimonial.
I love all of them, especially the white one, is wonderful! 
Here you are all the dresses she wore <3
What is your favorite? :)

Who was the Princess of Sanremo between Bianca Balti and Bar Refaeli? Say your opinion in a comment :)
Lots of Love,

Last But Not Least :) 

giovedì 14 febbraio 2013

Stripes Me Up!

Prepare yourself to a Spring and Summer full of Stripes!
Yes People :) This year will be the year of stripes!
Black and White ones had totally ruled the S/S 2013 runways of a lot of stylists all around the world.
Personally I Love Colorful Stripes, because Black and white ones remind me of prison coverall!
But As I Always say: DE GUSTIBUS NON DISPUTANDUM EST, that translated in english means: 
On the taste you can't argue.

The Stripes are not so easy to wear, especially for the shapely ones, but if you combine different tipes of stripes you can have a wonderful result! For example if you put some oblique stripes to the side of a dress or a shirt, you will obtain an illusion of an harmonious waist.
Here you are some pics about stripes that I really Love :)
Hope You can take some inspiration!

Bar Refaeli looks from Sanremo! But...

As I announce in the past post, Bar Refaeli has been a guest in Sarnemo 2013: Festival of the Italian's song. Her Gowns were designed by Roberto Cavalli, and they all look Stunning!

Are you Still looking at it, right?? Before i give you an observation about this dress, lets continue to see her flawless dresses :)

Last but Not Least <3 

She's Gorgeous! WoW :D Aren't these dresses designed just for Bar? Then why Alessandra Ambrosio, in 2011 already wore the SAME dress of Bar's first Look?
Mmmm... What a poor figure did Roberto Cavalli!!!
Cavalli, your designs are amazing but I'm sorry, this time you've got it WRONG :|

Anyway What do you think of the dresses? What was your favorite?? 
Mine is the Last One :)

Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

L... is for the way you Look at Me

O... is for the Only one I see

V... is very very, Extraordinary

E... is even more than anyone that you adore and

LOVE is all that I can Give to you

LOVE was made for me and you ♥ ♥ ♥


You are just too good to be True, Can't Take My Eyes 

off of you *o*


martedì 12 febbraio 2013

Bianca Balti and Bar Refaeli for Sanremo 2013

Good Morning Everyone!
As Every year, tonight starts in Italy Sanremo : The Festival of Italian'song.
Lots of beautiful Ladies walked that famous stage and this year is the turn of seductive Bianca Balti and Bar Refaeli!

Bianca Balti

Bar Refaeli

Both Famous and International supermodels, they will capture all the attentions thanks to their simple,chic and glam style. 

Two famous italian designer will clothe Bianca and Bar, with unbelievable gowns designed just for them:
Dolce and Gabbana will deal to dress Bianca Balti and Roberto Cavalli will deal to dress Bar Refaeli.
I can't wait to see these Wonderful women with their amazing dresses :)
Here you are a preview of Bar Refaeli's ones.
Hope you'll like them :)