mercoledì 20 febbraio 2013

Leopard Print

Good Morning People all around the world :)
Today i will talk about a Trend that I really love : Leopard Print!
Only a year ago if you had asked me if i would wear it, i had Answered you :

But now, my ideas changed in a very positive way :) 
Beside the Classic leo print, i like colorful ones, they are funny and easy to combine with other cloths!
I Love to wear leopard items mixed with simple basic cloths.
In fact, you shall not exaggerate about wearing lots of leopard items, they may turn you from chic and stylish to kitsch! 
For example:
- If you wear a leopard dress to not wear Leopard shoes! Combine it with black high heels and black accessories.
- If you wear a leopard shirt/T-shirt you can combine it with black/brown trousers or a skirt and with  leopard shoes.
- If you Have Leopard Accessories like the ones for hair or a belt, you can wear them with a Black or Brown outfit, you will look super gorgeous!
- Most important RULE : DON'T WEAR 2 LEOPARD ITEMS STACKED (like a shirt with a scarf both in leopard prints, or a dress and a coat both leopards)

Tell me your opinion about Leopard Prints.
Lots of Love,

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