domenica 3 febbraio 2013

Les Miserables!

Good Morning Everyone!

This is the real first post of my blog Yey :D 
So Let's inaugurate The Beginning of this Blog with a post about Les Miserables!

A Few Days ago I went to the cinema to see this wonderful film, and believe me it's TRULY AMAZING!!
It's a musical so if you already don't like this genre you won't like this film because Yes, it's all sung but the story captures yourself and you don't even notice that 160 minutes are passed. This film is a rainbow of emotions, i can't hide that I cried several times during the film :') 

Actors, songs, dresses, sceneries everything were so good!!!
I would see it again and again, can't wait to buy the dvd :)
I recommend it to all of you <3
Hope you're having a nice day.
                                                                                                                                      Kisses, Erika


I Know that this post is not about fashion, but i thought it would be the perfect inauguration of my blog, cause I really loved "Les Miserables" <3 

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