giovedì 14 febbraio 2013

Stripes Me Up!

Prepare yourself to a Spring and Summer full of Stripes!
Yes People :) This year will be the year of stripes!
Black and White ones had totally ruled the S/S 2013 runways of a lot of stylists all around the world.
Personally I Love Colorful Stripes, because Black and white ones remind me of prison coverall!
But As I Always say: DE GUSTIBUS NON DISPUTANDUM EST, that translated in english means: 
On the taste you can't argue.

The Stripes are not so easy to wear, especially for the shapely ones, but if you combine different tipes of stripes you can have a wonderful result! For example if you put some oblique stripes to the side of a dress or a shirt, you will obtain an illusion of an harmonious waist.
Here you are some pics about stripes that I really Love :)
Hope You can take some inspiration!

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