martedì 9 aprile 2013

Everything in Denim!

Hi People!
How Are you?? Hope Good :)

Let's look in your wardrobe.... How many Denim items do you have in it??
Did you know that Denim woven was born in 1850 from an Alsace immigrant and an american tailor?
It was considered a work cloth but Nowadays nobody can not help it! And This year this popular woven is back as a huge trend! From Trousers to bags, Everything is good in Denim and I am a fan of it! It's easy to combine,strong and it shapes your body. 
But Pay Attention, do not wear more that 2 things in denim, you will be too much 70ties.
Here you are some of my favorite denim items and examples on how to wear them.
Hope you will get some inspiration :) 

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